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Automatic Layer Bag Slitter

 Automatic layer Bag Slitter: after the forklift put the bag stack on the roller conveyor, it will be automatically fed into the machine,  and then caught layer by layer by the robot hand inside the machine. The robot hand carry the bags through cutter device, the material is emptied by cleaning mechanism and fall into storage hopper. The waste bag can be automatically collected and compacted by waste bag collector, and also the empty pallet can be collected and stacked automatically.

  Applicable typical materials includes: PP and PE particle materials.

(The relevant technical parameters and characteristics of the product are for reference only, the specific situation shall be determined according to the user's materials and conditions of use)

Product presentation
Technical parameters

Capacity: 400-800 bags/hour (depending on fludity of material)

Emptying rate: 99.9%-99.99% (depending on fluidty of material)

Bag size: 25kg-50kg/bag

Power: 10KW

Voltage: 380 v

Pressure: 0.6 MPa

Size: 5.1m * 2.0m * 3.5m (L*W*H) (excluding stacker belt and pallet collection)

Weight of equipment: 3.5 tons

Material: Carbon steel /304 stainless steel (depending on material characteristics)

Technical characteristic 

High integration: it can be used for automatic feeding, automatic unloading, automatic unpacking and feeding, automatic tray collection and waste bag collection.

High applicability: suitable for pallets and bags of different kinds of materials, pallets and bags of granular material.

High emptying rate: 99.9%-99.99% high emptying rate, the equipment is specially designed, the broken packaging bags and materials are perfectly separated.

Safety: it can automatically alarm, emergency stop operation, protect equipment and avoid misoperation.

Easy to use/easy to maintain: PLC automatic control, simple installation, reliable operation, low failure rate.